Each film coated tablet contains

Ferrous Ascorbate equivalent to Elemental Iron.....50 mg
Folic acid........ 1.5 mg


For nearly 4 decades, studies on iron preparations have been benchmarked against Ferrous Ascorbate. Properties of Ferrous Ascorbate are thus considered the Gold Standard in Iron therapy. Ferrous Ascorbate is the worlds most widely recognized reference Iron.
Ferrous Ascorbate is a synthetic molecule of ascorbic acid and iron. Ascorbic acid enhances absorption of iron. Ascorbic acid reduces ferric iron to ferrous iron which remains soluble even at neutral pH. Ferrous form is absorbed thrice as much as ferric form of iron - the discrepancy becomes even more, when treated at higher dosage of ferric salts.
30 to 60 mg is used as a prophylaxis for iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy. There is no dissociation of Ferrous Ascorbate on entering GI Tract due to the stable chelate of Iron with Ascorbate. Also there is no action of food inhibitors as the complex does not dissociate. Ascorbate is a reducing agent and prevents Oxidation. Thus maintains Iron in highly soluble ferrous form.
Folic Acid is essential for the metabolic processes of the body. Folic acid is necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids and the formation of heme, the pigmented, iron-carrying component of the hemoglobin in red blood cells. A deficient intake of folic acid can impair the maturation of young red blood cells, resulting in folic-acid-deficiency anemia. Folic acid is essential for efficient Neural tube development during pregnancy which forms the brain and spinal cord. Pregnant women with an insufficient intake of folic acid are more likely to give birth prematurely or to deliver babies with low birth weight or with neural tube defects.
Prevention and treatment of mild to moderate Iron deficiency anemia.
Hemosiderosis, Hemochromatosis, Hemolytic anemia.
Oral iron preparations may aggravate existing peptic ulcer, regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis.
Iron compounds taken orally can impair the absorption of tetracycline antibiotics. Antacids given concomitantly with iron compounds decrease iron absorption.