Unique Economy

Akesiss is deeply concerned about the growing financial burden on patients, especially in chronic therapy segments like Diabetology, Cardiology, Orthopedics & Gastroenterology.

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic and progressive metabolic disorder usually associated with many co-morbid diseases like CVD, PVD, DPN. The cost burden of anti-diabetes drugs may often lead to abrupt discontinuation of therapy by diabetes patients.

Similarly, cardiovascular diseases and osteoarthritis poses a serious problem pertaining to quality of life, especially in middle age and elderly people which many a times has a direct impact on life as many patients are either pensioners or dependents.

Akesiss understands the necessity of introducing products which are economical and affordable to such patients. Akesiss had initiated many measures which had led to reduced cost of brands viz: Mecoblend, Wakfree, Metopot, Telmurix, Rabipot, Rabipot LS etc., which are most economical than competitors.